9 Growing Trends for Amazon Listings in 2022

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Since the pandemic, the e-commerce industry has rapidly changed, with many businesses going online. Most have created websites, while others list their products on Amazon, the leading e-commerce store. As a result, experienced sellers and newbies need to be mindful of the seller trends on Amazon to stand out above the competition. 

As Amazon’s product volume increases, Amazon dominates as a search engine. So, your marketing and timing are vital for your success. Amazon FBA’s predominance is inevitable as more sellers come up. This competition means you need to go back to the drawing board if you want your listings to stand out. 

So, even as the Amazon Marketplace gets more cut-throat, you can use some growing trends to get a slice of the pie. Our team at uptimaz has compiled a list of growing trends that will be essential to your listings’ success on Amazon.

1. Better Product Videos and Images

Visuals trigger the proper senses of buyers and contribute immensely to their decision-making process. To stand out, it is essential to create videos for your products, especially to highlight how they work. Most buyers prefer watching to reading. But you can also create an efficient description of the product and use it alongside the video. 

Images attract clicks from the search results. And because buyers consume visual content more easily than written content, include product images to grab their attention and make them fall in love with your product. Low-quality images create doubt as they reflect your product poorly. 

Your responsibility to the customer is to give them enough information to aid their buying decision. So, add high-quality visuals to your listings.

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Product Research

2. In-Depth Product Research

Outshining your competition on Amazon requires you to be quick to spot product trends. So, take a look at trending products to see what makes them stand out. To properly market your product, you will need to conduct detailed product research to check what your competition is doing. 

Gone are the days when a nice logo and custom packaging alone worked. With the rising number of sellers and strict seller policies, serious sellers need to roll up their sleeves and get to work. 

In your research, check your product’s demand, competitors’ prices, customer reviews, and low seasonality. Once you understand these metrics, you are better equipped to list your product on Amazon.

3. Amazon Ads

Your Amazon marketing strategy should involve opting for Amazon advertising. Here’s why: Amazon is among the leading digital advertising businesses, and it’s growing rapidly. It is a powerful ad platform because it embraces buyers’ intent. 

In 2019, Amazon’s net sales were about $10 billion. This figure means there is room for improvement for those sellers who will place ads on Amazon. Many brands are approaching Amazon to grow their brands, and sellers can liaise with specialized agencies for increased sales.

4. Amazon SEO

To improve the customer experience and speed up delivery, Amazon will leverage the use of technology. This means that they will provide their sellers and vendors with more unified and updated services. As Amazon sponsored ads and brand registry reinforce brand growth, sellers will need to keep abreast of Amazon SEO. 

Its machine learning algorithms will only get smarter. So, sellers will need to learn the effective keywords. This means they will need to place their products in the right category and create images and descriptions that balance customer intent and Amazon SEO. 

You need to perform detailed keyword research. Get as many keywords as possible and their variations. Long-tail keywords are immensely valuable because they bring in high-intent traffic. Also, find potential opportunities to rank for and incorporate them somewhere in your listing.

5. Optimise Your Listing for Increased Sales

A bad product listing will cost you money. It is a lot of work to get click-throughs to your listing. But you can make this easier by writing an optimized copy that is error-free for your product descriptions. Basic errors like grammar errors, spelling mistakes, and ambiguous sentences are a turn-off. 

Also, avoid large blocks of text by using as much white space as possible. Optimizing your listing means that buyers are able to scan the listing to find the benefits your product offers and why they should purchase it. 

You can also use CAPS to show your main selling points. Ensure to also optimize your listing for mobile. Most customers use phones, so consider how your listing appears on mobile. Write your listing in a way that persuades customers to buy.

6. Right Pricing

Pricing greatly influences buyer decisions, especially where competition is high. Sometimes the difference between your product and the competitor’s is the price. When customers use pricing to make buying decisions, you may suffer or gain immensely. 

You can use a repricing tool to change your pricing accordingly and be ahead of the competition. You can lose out by overpricing your listing, and underpricing can still cost you money. So, you need to price your products competitively.

7. Use Split Tests

Your title or order of bullet points or images are small details that make a big difference. Split tests allow you to check what works best and should remain a continuous activity. A split test is done by running two similar versions of one thing by only changing one variable. 

The difference in results will give you an overview of what worked and what didn’t. You can use online tools, like Splitly, to help AB test your product listing. Test several variables one at a time to find the differences, improve your listings’ performance, and increase sales.

8. Use FBA

Amazon’s FBA service makes storing and shipping products easy and is a great way to increase sales. Having the Amazon Prime badge builds trust with shoppers. This badge attached to your listing takes away doubt when shoppers are making buying decisions.

9. Use On-Amazon Promotions

Shoppers love deals, so running a promotion is among the leading ways to increase sales. You can run 7-Day deals, Lightning deals, or Amazon coupons. Your promotion will appear on the search result pages alongside your product and on Amazon’s showcase pages, allowing you to draw in more visibility and sales from conversions.

In addition to these trends, you may need to add off-Amazon promotions, build an email list, use Amazon’s branding tools and get more reviews from happy customers. Combining all these tips is a surefire way of getting your listing to convert and bring in more sales. Contact us for more information.

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