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Amazon listing translation agency: hire the right translator!
Image by Desola Lanre-Ologun on Unsplash

Image by Desola Lanre-Ologun on Unsplash

Amazon listing translation agency: how to find the right translator for Amazon product listings

Whether a small business owner or large corporation, your world is online. It’s almost certainly globalised, too! And by globalised, we mean multilingual, which equals translation. Sure, you’re proud of your monolingual Amazon product listings, but that won’t make the grade in today’s market. Why? First, for some key figures.

👉 Fun fact 1: English is not the all-important content solution since only 26% of Internet users are English speakers.

👉 Fun fact 2: The influence of English is rapidly declining as other languages like German and Spanish increase their online visibility.

👉 Fun fact 3: In its survey with 2,430 web consumers in eight countries, CSA Research reported that 56.2% of consumers find native language content more important than pricing.

Essentially, global Amazon sales need quality marketing copy for any listing, produced by professional translators to work with your target market and language. But it’s not that simple as a standard translation just won’t cut the mustard. Drum roll, please, for your Amazon translation specialist! More details incoming!

What are the first steps to translating Amazon product listings?

Your services are exporting, with your Amazon Marketplace expanding, but sellers know customers are pushed for time! In response, sellers use machine translation, thinking hey presto! The long and short of it is NO! Indeed, deep learning has advanced. However, it’s no match for expert Amazon translators. Words translated through Artificial Intelligence (AI) will only make for poor quality, tarnishing Amazon products and undermining the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service.

The uptimaz team recommends a different strategy, with two priorities. Number one: focus on localising rather translating. When you localise, you penetrate languages’ sub-markets, e.g., Spanish > Argentinian, Mexican Spanish, and German > Austrian, Swiss German. By localising, you recognise the meaning of different image associations based on culture.

Number two: because customers are hurried and have search processes influenced by their cultures (consider the French, with their structured Cartesian Method for life), translating Amazon keywords must be top of mind for sellers. uptimaz deploys best-in-class tools not to miss a trick and enjoy a full seed list of keywords. But remember: Helium 10 plays no role in selecting the right translator. That’s uptimaz’s cue! Before deep diving into our service, let’s explore how the best translator will not only localise, but also optimise.

Why native SEO translators are important to Amazon listing optimisation

Sellers often overlook localising, or the ability to mediate between cultures for their specific customer. They figure their half-German or Spanish friend could translate for free, in no time and still deliver on sales! Clever though, this sounds, take it from us: it’s a no-no! An Amazon translation specialist is always a native. Why? Because, once content is translated, they grasp trends in spoken languages (the basis for many an online search nowadays) and the numerous nuances specific to their culture – including what to avoid at all costs (shame Vauxhall didn’t use a native translator when launching their ‘Nova’ car in Spain all those years ago)!

Facebook comment on the use of machine translation for Amazon keywords

Granted, a classic professional translator will complete the localisation stage, but multilingual Amazon specialists stand out since they also master the language of SEO optimisation. That’s because they work in the fast-growing SEO industry and to find the right Amazon translator to kick start your ecommerce strategy, you need someone who can don the role of on-page SEO expert

Ultimately, Amazon product listings are about precision and engagement. SEO translators fulfil both criteria. Precision, since they know long-tail and backend keywordsas previously discussed. And engagement, through an ability to craft impactful translated marketing text in Amazon product descriptions, thereby connecting with the intentions of sellers’ identified customer personae. This is precisely how to optimise your Amazon listing services. Without further ado, it’s time we talked about our platform!

Amazon listing translation agency: learn to uptimaz your ecommerce strategy

Convinced that when it comes to ecommerce, translation alone is not enough, uptimaz combines the described localisation and optimisation services in its quest to champion market product listings for every single keyword. How do we make it happen? Our to-do list features two things: automation and people.

Deploying automation for success

Sellers have their content handy but struggle for time as they search for SEO geeks plus a go-to Amazon translator. uptimaz expedites their offer using its automated platform. Sellers upload their products, and we generate the listings while providing live translation follow-up and chat help as we monitor sales performance. Which brings us to our other Unique Selling Point (USP): our pride and joy – our uptimaz-ers!

Putting people first

We think of our uptimaz-ers as Amazon language specialists for two reasons. First, they were never content as standard translators, always going the extra mile as professional copywriters! Second, they passed uptimaz’s exacting recruitment test, obtaining our personalised Helium 10 certification to become consummate SEO talents. Working in their native pairs on keyword translations for each listing optimisation, our team is inspired by uptimaz’s core value of recognition. Quite simply, if you put in, we put out! This hybrid of automated (SEO, Helium 10) and human (dedicated translators) aspects is what forms the cornerstone of our service success!

How to find the right translation specialist or agency?

To recap, we presented the current trends for sellers across the marketplace:

  • The future is multilingual;
  • Amazon products require a professional translation;
  • First, don’t just translate any list; instead, localise by navigating intercultural differences;
  • Then, optimise, by leveraging SEO.

The key to remember is this: zero keyword research plus machine translation, plus bland copy, equals a recipe for Amazon disaster! It’s why you need to don the outfit of a trusted and extensive network of native SEO translators. The current market offers ample agencies with technical SEO knowledge, but do they really have localisation know-how?

If this question strikes a chord, we’d be pleased to share our team advice and help you select the right translator who meets your expectations.